About Us

Allianz Management limited (“Allianz Mgt”) is a unique and dynamic company, whose primary focus is to provide facility management services to corporate organizations and private investors with major real estate assets.

Our facility management specialists develop optimum services to meet new and existing business needs which can be adapted as the business develops.

Allianz Management is responsible for creating an optimal, safe and cost effective environment with proper operations in all aspects of building/facility for the occupants to function. These include: security services, space management, utility and communication infrastructure, managing and maintaining the building, health and safety among others.

At Allianz Management, we provide proactive support and seek to align our very skilled workforce with optimum cutting edge technology to help the client maximise their facilities while being mindful of the fact of the return on investment of the client and the preservation of value.
We currently manage/maintain quite a number of properties in Lagos Nigeria and long list of client are very satisfied.

Our goal is to provide the best services to maintain the aesthetic appearance, effective working and the financial integrity of all properties entrusted to us.

To build a dynamic, vibrant and pro-active company that seeks to create value and outstanding service, while focusing on innovative technology and sustainable best practice.

To be one of the leading Facility Management companies in Nigeria with strong presence across the African continent while providing optimal value to all stakeholders.

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