Our in-depth knowledge of the industry means we can deliver bespoke property management solutions based on our client’s need.

Our solutions cover all elements of your property needs.

Whether you are choosing a property management team for the first time, there is no reason to settle for mediocre or unreliable service. After all, we are talking about where you live, eat, sleep, raise your kids, entertain your family and friends as well as where you work, play and dream.

The quality of your project or anything related to facility management should be your top priority, it should be your property manager’s too. At Allianz Mgt we take pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations by going the extra mile to invest more time, effort, and money to provide our clients with satisfactory services.

Allianz Mgt is a full-service facilities management company focused exclusively on high-end luxury residential and commercial properties.

We aim to ensure that all elements of your building/facility fabric remain at an optimum state at all times that’s why we specialize in providing the below listed services: — Plumbing — Carpentry — Electrical Wiring & Fittings — Power & Energy Management — Air Conditioners (ACS) and more.

Services We Offer

24/7 Dedicated Helpdesk

General Building Maintenance

Equipment Management

Property Advisory

Security Services

Water Services

Electrical Services

... And More

Our advisory services aim at bringing the best value out of a facility, more so from its design and development stage.

— FM Advisory Services. — Site Analysis and Feasibility. — Contract Administration. — Sales and Marketing Strategy

Key to our service provision is our dedicated helpdesk which offers;

— Dedicated call numbers for client sites. — Physical on site availability during working hours. — Provision of a web or alternately an sms portal to file complaints & enquiries. — Ensuring prompt feedback and response to client related issues.

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